We believe that all people are equally important.
We value a diverse network and learn and share from one another:
regardless of age,
regardless of colour,
regardless of their ethnicity,
regardless of their religion or beliefs,
regardless of disability,
regardless of gender,
regardless of sexual orientation,
regardless of their race,
regardless of their ability or lack of ability,
regardless of nationality or accent.
We are a diverse planet where we are all individuals with differences, but we are all people and we can all learn from each other.

  • Episode 42 – Amanda Sterner
    In episode 42 of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast, our hosts are joined by Amanda Sterner, Technical Architect for Advania – Knowledge Factory. […]
  • Episode 41 – Femke Cornelissen
    Microsoft Spotlight Episode 41 – Femke CornelissenIn episode 41 of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast, our hosts are joined by Femke Cornelissen who […]
  • Episode 40 – Emily Mancini
    In episode 40 of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast, our hosts are joined by Emily Mancini who is Principal Architect at Sympraxis Consulting. […]
  • Episode 39 – Stacey Forman
    In episode 39 of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast, our hosts are joined by Stacey Forman who is Group Portfolio and PMO Lead […]
  • Episode 38 – Zoe Wilson
    In episode 38 of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast, our hosts welcome back by Zoe Wilson who has changed role since Episode 2 […]

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