Microsoft Spotlight Podcast
Episode 12 – Sara Fennah

Sara Fennah is our guest on episode 12 of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast! Sara is a freelance Microsoft Certified Trainer having been certified for 14 years!

Sara talks to our hosts about her career progression starting as a teacher at a secondary school to delivering Microsoft 365 courses. Both of our hosts had plenty of questions about the MCT program and it’s community. Sara has a unique style of delivering her courses where our host Jon believes she is one of the best MCTs in the industry!

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Episode 11 – Anne Michels

Episode 11 with Anne Michels has now been published. Anne works as the Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft Teams. She passionately speaks about her job at Microsoft, her love for Microsoft Teams, and how it has positively helped the world in a time of crisis.

Recording this during her maternity leave, Anne talks about her she got into her role at Microsoft and her experiences from speaking at big conferences such as Microsoft Ignite. Anne is also passionate about her work/life balance as a working Mum and how she is navigating a working life as a mother of two.

You can also reach out to Anne on our LinkedIn Group – Microsoft Women In Tech: where Anne has volunteered to help mentor those within the group.

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