Microsoft Spotlight – End of year message

The Microsoft Spotlight Podcast would like to thank every single guest that has taken the time to be a part of our journey. This podcast wouldn’t be possible without the support of every single member of the Woman In Tech community that has joined in throughout 2021.

Andrew and Jon have learned so much from this experience which has enabled them to truly understand the challenges within the IT market but not only that, the very personal stories of each guest that has been shared with us. From Neurodiversity, mental health, and physical health it has been a humbling experience listening and speaking to everyone of our guests.

Coming up for 2022

Microsoft Spotlight Podcast 2022 Guests

The planning has already begun for the guests of 2022, we have scheduled even more episodes with some amazing women from around the globe.

So watch this space…

Microsoft Spotlight User Group

The Microsoft Spotlight will be initially holding 4 user group events next year whereby we will have sessions on Tech, Soft Skills, and Panel discussions. This will be hosted by our very own Jon Jarvis, we will be publishing a call for content in January so again watch this space.

Microsoft Spotlight – Mentors Corner

The Microsoft Spotlight will be creating a Mentor’s Corner on our website for anyone who is looking to connect with a mentor in the Microsoft community. We aim to help members find the correct support and advice they need to grow within their careers and break the ceilings that might be holding them back.

Thank you for being a supporter of our podcast!!!