Microsoft Spotlight Podcast

Sophie Dimelow

Co-Host of the Microsoft Spotlight Podcast

Sophie has been working in the IT space for just under 3 years, having falling into IT recruitment straight after graduating university with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Management. Her degree has allowed her to be extra active on LinkedIn and within the Women In Tech Community using different sources of media to create attention which is where the guys from the Microsoft Spotlight Podcast found her and asked her to be a guest on one of the episodes. Sophie has a passion for IT especially in Microsoft Cloud and you will be able to see this within the podcasts. She is now a Microsoft Cloud Consultant for the pure technology group and is doing whatever she can within the tech community to become an MVP. She is one of the managers for the Microsoft Women In Tech user group and was ‘passed the mic’ to be a co-host in the Microsoft Spotlight Podcast.

The future for Sophie is to be able to continue to build and develop a strong network of women that work within the Microsoft technology arena and to become an IT female leader herself hoping to ‘pass the mic’ to others.